TEMA - Helping Carbon Offset since 1992

so far we have reached nearly 4 million children through nature education and awareness studies

TEMA is a non-governmental organization for reforestation and the protection of natural habitats in Turkey

We offer everybody travelling with Diamond Star Experience the option of donating to offset the carbon emissions. We recommend to donate equivalent of planting 1 tree per person for each of your trip…The organisation we work with internationally recognised TEMA,  leader in Turkey since 1992.

The TEMA’s gaols were to show that we can fight against erosion and deforestation (desertification) that threaten our lands, to draw attention to the danger, to protect the soil, to produce protective solutions for reforestation, to protect natural assets and to make this challenges a state policy.

TEMA’S Achievements sofar:

  • With help and awareness of TEMA, first time Turkish Government introduced environmental protection laws in nineties.
  • Today TEMA have its own representatives in Turkey's 81 provinces and with help of donors, TEMA Foundation has created at least one forest in each of these provinces.  Since 1992, TEMA have brought together 700 million acorns in an area the size of approximately 22 thousand football fields and 17.7 million saplings in an area the size of approximately 20 thousand football fields.
  • so far we have reached nearly 4 million children through nature education and awareness studies
  • in Every province in Turkey we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers and our supporters, we have our representative office in 81 provinces. We have our own representative  in more than 370 counties. We have TEMA community and young activists  in 160 universities in Turkey.
  • We have completed 266 rural development, protection, and reforestation/afforestation projects so far.
  • We reached more than 50 thousand teachers and more than 35 thousand public officials with environmental seminars.
  • Every step we take to protect natural assets; There are scientific reasons for the benefit of nature under every objection we make. For this reason, approximately 70% of the more than 250 cases that we have filed / participated in have resulted in our favor, and we still have dozens of ongoing cases.
  • We brought nearly 100 books on the environment to the public.
  • Today, we have a perception of TEMA Foundation, which is known by almost all of the society and identified with volunteering, trust, tree, nature and the struggle to protect natural assets. As the foundation, we received the "Land for Life" award, which was given for the first time in the world under the leadership of the United Nations Secretariat for Combating Desertification (UNCCD) and nominated by many non-governmental organizations as well as states. Turkey is the European Environmental Bureau, and UNCCD Drynet we have the honor to represent in the management of important institutions such as the Non-Governmental Panel. We have a lot more to do and a long way to go to protect natural beings. With the support of our volunteers and donors, we continue to work for nature.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet. To protect our planet and its people from catastrophic effects, we need to keep global warming well below 2oC. We can only meet this goal if everybody – governments, businesses, the public sector and individuals – commits to ambitious action.

Please support us in our mission to catalyse more ambitious climate action, and to ensure that climate initiatives around the world benefit the climate and its people as much as possible, by donating to TEMA

Read more:   https://www.tema.org.tr/bagislar

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