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Morocco Holidays Overview

In Morocco you will find many exciting holiday possibilities. We have selected a number of traditional Riad and character hotels in Marrakech, the Atlas Mountians, Essaouira and Agadir. Morocco allows you to experience many different type of holidays: Marrakech offers magical city breaks where you will feel as if you are taking a trip back in time to experience its well-preserved culture and history. Nature-lovers will find no better place than the Atlas Mountains for complete relaxation. Or if you are seeking a little bit of an adventure go and explore the desert with our special desert tour. Beach-lovers will be enchanted by the long beaches and soft sand of Agadir and Essaouira. Morocco has a mild climate all-year round, making it a great place to visit at any time of year.  We have a range of fabulous breaks in the country including tailor made Morocco holidays , multi centre Morocco holidays and much more.

If you want to discover the real Morocco, we would definitely recommend that you take one of our tailor-made holidays. That way you can taste a bit of everything, combining cities, mountains and the coast. You can even add on a desert tour! Then you can truly say that you have explored Morocco, and seen her many faces, including her amazing culture, rich history and unique architecture.

Tantalisingly close yet a world away in atmosphere – a visit to Morocco provides a full on assault to the senses. With the advent of the low-cost carrier Morocco has become more easily and cheaply accessible, with flying time around 3 hrs from UK. Morocco offers a whole host of exciting accommodation options.

Luxurious boutique riads
For those who favour an authentic local experience, we would recommend a stay in a riad – a traditional house built around a courtyard and usually set in the old part of town, the medina. Riads are decorated and furnished in local style with character. The ambience is more that of a guest-house than a hotel and guests tend to eat their meals together and sit around chatting in the courtyard after dinner, a great way to meet like-minded travellers and share sightseeing tips. Of course, we offer regular hotels too – ranging from boutique chic, to family-run and friendly.

Over the years Morocco has been conquered by many different peoples – from the Phoenicians to the Romans, the Arabs to the Ottomans - each leaving their mark and playing their role in its rich history. Morocco only finally became independent from France in 1956, and French is still widely spoken. Exploring the narrow streets of the medina of any of Morocco’s cities is sure to be a highlight, as is bargaining for souvenirs in the souk. Carpets, leather-ware, woven textiles, ceramics and jewellery are all excellent buys.

The Moroccan cuisine is sure to be a highlight of your holiday – delicate spices flavour even the simplest of dishes, rice or cous-cous elevated to exotic status with the addition of plump sultanas or juicy apricots. The delicious meat stew, tagine – usually made with succulent lamb or chicken - is world-famous and certainly will not disappoint.

Morocco grows plentiful fruit and vegetables and its long coastline secures a good supply of freshly caught fish and seafood. It is the world’s largest producer of sardines, and the Oualidia oysters are internationally renowned. The merguez sausages are deliciously spicy, and the sticky sweet pastries are not to be missed. Don’t forget to try the pastilla, an elaborate confection of delicate filo-like pastry with shredded meat – traditionally pigeon, but these days more commonly chicken or lamb – combining sweet and savoury flavours.

Breakfast in hotels is usually bread and honey, often accompanied by olives, and pastries or pancakes. Fresh mint tea is ubiquitous – drunk hot and very sweet – and surprisingly refreshing. Alcohol is freely available and the country does a nice line in local lager and also has many fine wineries producing good local wines.

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Marrakech is often the first port of call for any visitor to Morocco, its magnificent architecture off-set by the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains. It is a great place to soak up the atmosphere of the country, bright colours, fragrant spices, the hustle and bustle of everyday life all combining to form a veritable symphony for the senses.

Founded in 1062, the city has played host to a succession of dynasties and rulers and has outlived them all. Its founders bequeathed it the astonishing legacy of the network of wells and pipes which draw spring waters underneath the city, together with the lush gardens and orchards, which have become such an important part of its very character. It is to the Saadians, who ruled the city in the 16th century, that it owes the vast El Badi Palace and magnificent necropolis, the Saadian tombs.



5* BB

From £329



5* BB

From £799



5* BB

From £499

High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains form the backdrop to Marrakech, some 40 miles away by road – and a world away in ambience. A holiday here is the perfect antidote to city life and to the fast pace of 21st century living.

Many choose to spend their time simply relaxing by the pool with a good book, surrounded by beautiful scenery, others prefer to be out and about rambling through the countryside and enjoying long walks through the Ouirgane Valley. The mountain vistas are astonishing, and the way of life of the Berber people who inhabit this area is refreshing in its simplicity. A stay in the High Atlas Mountains can form a welcome counterpoint to a trip to Marrakech.



5* BB

From £999


A holiday in Agadir is all about the beach – an astonishing 08km long stretch of fine, golden sand.

With its wide palm-lined streets and laid-back beachfront bars and cafes, which stretch along the seafront promenade, Agadir is one of Morocco’s most modern resorts.  More reminiscent of the south of France, than traditionally Moroccan, it is a favourite with families and caters for guests of all ages.  Those who like an active holiday won’t be disappointed – there are a number of golf courses nearby, and the long sandy beach is perfect for watersports.  

Although little remains of the original Kasbah, it is still one of the best vantage points from which to view the resort.  Head up to the hill-top site for a stunning panorama of the city and bay.  Agadir, is also one of Morocco’s busiest fishing and commercial ports, and its’ new marina is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere.



5* BB

From £999



5* BB

From £999


Essaouira is a charming walled town, its port dominated by a fairytale fortress, its narrow streets, with their brightly painted buildings, home to artists and craftsmen. There are some great restaurants – and seafood is a particular speciality.

A thriving trading port since ancient times, and a gateway between Africa and the Occident, Essaouira was a prized conquest. It was the Portuguese who built the imposing Castello Real in 1506, and Sultan Mohamed Ben Abdellah who had the commercial port built in 1765. For the Romans it was the centre of the trade in a distinctive purple Tyrian dye, and since that time it has attracted craftsmen of international renown.



5* BB

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4* BB

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Morocco Tailor Made Holidays

If you want to discover the real Morocco, I would definitely recommend that you take one of our tailor-made holidays. That way you can taste a bit of everything, combining cities, mountains and the coast. You can even add on a desert tour! Then you can truly say that you have explored Morocco, and seen her many faces, including her amazing culture, rich history and unique architecture.” Akin Koc, M.Director
Tailor Made Morocco Holidays

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 3 nights Marrakech + 4 nights in High Atlas Mountains

From £949



  3 nights Marrakech + 4 nights Essaouira or 4 nights in Agadir 

From £998



 3 nights Mountains & 3 nights Marrakech & 4 nights Agadir

From £1,198



 Marrakech & Desert Camp & Zagora & Mouantains

From £949

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