Elite World Care (Covid-19 Anti Risk Team)

As Elite World Hotels, the health and safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. In order to create healthy and safe areas for our esteemed guests and colleagues, we have been cooperating with the world's leading surveillance, inspection, test and certification company “SGS” since 2015, which is an integral part of our Quality Policy (Covid- 19) It has been continued with an increasing intensity in the fight against preventive health measures.

Since the day we were founded, world brand Ecolab products have been used in all of our hotels and cleaning products, education and standards have been applied. Our range of services has been diversified by improving our cooperation in the new process with international brands that we also work in areas such as food safety, technical maintenance and ventilation.

Since the first day when Covid-19 news was reflected to the public and the case was announced in our country, the developments were followed closely and all possibilities were evaluated at the highest level; Necessary measures have been taken in line with the directions of the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

In this process; A special team has been formed, including our healthcare professionals and food engineers. This team, which we call Elite World CARE (Covid-19 Anti-Risk Team), has been completely revised and implemented in related areas, as well as the Elite World Hotels Coronavirus Facility Management Practices Regulation, which was formed as a result of the guidance of the relevant ministries and institutions, and its own equipment and experience. The process was monitored and controlled by the “Internal Audit and Risk Assessment” department.

Each stage of the new coronavirus Covid-19 crisis processes, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, have been closely monitored and our facilities are ready to return to normalization; In order to make the measures we have taken with a zero tolerance perspective sustainable, practices and controls have been carried out. Within the scope of Covid-19, by reviewing all our processes, all necessary actions were taken to provide our guests with perfect experience and hygiene service and were revised according to each new regulation.

We present all the precautions we have taken into account for a healthy and safe accommodation experience.

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"Sadly like many people our holiday for five people was cancelled due to Covid-19. The date of our holiday meant it was on, then off, then on and finally off again. Throughout all this I can't fault how Akin and his team dealt with all the hassle at a most difficult time for his company.  The refund was dealt with swiftly and our party can only thank everyone for all their help."  Mr Brian Chappell - 2 Jun 2020

"Our holiday in Turkey exceeded our expectations. Cappadocia was interesting and beautiful. It was exciting staying in cave. Istanbul was amazing. We had very little previous experience of Turkey and Turkish people, so we enjoyed the beauty of the country and friendly hospitality of the people. We felt safe and not at all threatened in the city. The quality of food and service in restaurants was good. Efes beer is very tasty."  Mr David Hyam

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